Words are my medicine.

Hurray my 1st poetry book got published!

I started writing, when I wasn’t able to speak. Mainly in hospitals. Loads of poems! ­čÖé Really hope it will encourage you.

Soon available in English!

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Ich schreib f├╝r alle, denen’s gern ein bisschen besser gehen w├╝rd. Und f├╝r alle andern schreib ich auch.

┬ę Pic: Raimund Nics

Sometimes I fear the silence,

as my inner thoughts get louder.

But suddenly I hear my inner voice,

whispering to me what I really want.

Saying: “Remember child:

All that you love

is what you give to others.

You are here

to nourish the thirst of your heart.

You are a jewel for the world –

a masterpiece of art.”

From the book “A Voice of Hope”